Rolex – History Builder in Yacht Race

At the 45th annual Rolex Fasnet Race in 2013, there were so many competitors, professionals and amateurs; Part of the world’s fastest and the most technologically advanced sailing; and the 30 feet sailing picking up family team; Participants from as far away as Australia, Oman and the United States. Records of the teams of the 336 sailing ships record underscores the scale and diversity of the event.

One of the features of the tournament is to sail with breeze, and the leading ships have no chance to repeat the record-breaking speed in 2011. The total championship, the climate of uncertainty is good for small sailboat, therefore, more likely to have the legend of the most amazing.

Previously, there never had a double combination to win the champion of the Rolex Fastnet Race and other famous 600 sea mile sailing competition, and the above events include fully crewed rowing. French father-son Pascal & Alexis Loison drove the Night and Day ship [name of vessel is inspired by American composer Cole Porter violin “Night and Day”], they embrace grading championship ambitions arrived at the departure point, finally carried the Rolex Fastnet Race challenge cup and a chronometer Rolex, to go home with the world’s largest offshore sailing competition championship. PASCAL with the excited emotion said: “if you take part in the offshore sailing competition, getting the champion of the Rolex Fastnet Race is the pinnacle of success, this is great, and it is completely unexpected, I don’t know how to describe it.”

Most people know that wearing the Rolex watch is a symbol of success, and you can show you status and your prestige when wearing the right Rolex watch, and if you enjoy the sports so much, especially under the deep sea, the Rolex Submariner is a good one for you, both casual and formal.

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